Tips to reducing cellphone addiction in kids

The invention and development of cell phones are insightful ones undoubtedly. Owing to a host of advantages it has brought us, adults and kids inclusive, the relevance of cell phones can not be undermined.

However, as good as this advent is, many people tend to use them to the disadvantage of their mental and physical health. Common ways to know if you are addicted to your phone may include:

Spending excess time texting, chatting and interacting with people than you do in the real-world

  • Finding yourself using your phone even when there is nothing productive to be done on it
  • Gaining self-fulfillment in using your phone other than interacting with the rest of the world
  • Getting at your phone to socialize even when it is not convenient or suitable
  • Finding yourself using your phone out of self-compulsion (involuntarily)
  • Feeling reluctant and less productive when you do not have your phone

The adverse effect of cell phone addiction 

The effects of cell phone overdependence are shocking and quite devastating. Some of these are:

  • Increased health complications like eye/sight problems, body pain, muscle redundancy, short-term memory problems, etc.
  • Worsened communication skills
  • Anxiety and mental stress
  • Aggravated level of depression and self-esteem issues

Ways of controlling cell phone addiction

The various ways by which cell phone addiction can be curtailed could very prove to be tasking. However, it is important to break free from this addiction. Tips on defeating cellphone addiction include:

  • Consciously set aside a day to stay without your phone every week
  • Set a 30-day recovery time frame for yourself 
  • Never charge your phone beside you while you sleep
  • Get interesting apps that will help you stay focused and monitor your screen time daily. Apps like space, screen-time, forest, flip, and app freeze are awesome apps that can assist you with setting realistic goals.
  • Remove apps that you spend time with from your home screen 
  • Utilize functions like turning off your notification, as well as turning on “do not disturb” and airplane mode often.