The toxicity of cellphone addiction

In the last decade, technology has thrived in aspects of inventing advanced mobile phones and other devices. Androids, iPhones, and other smartphones now afford almost anybody the leverage to access the internet from wherever and whenever.

Over half the world’s population, including children and adults, own a mobile phone. While many people do not have a problem with this, others develop an addiction to their phones.

As technology keeps growing from height to height, the functionalities and capabilities of cellphones upswing also. These, in turn, increased the possibility of overuse and mental dependence.

Social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and others, require people to spend a lot of time on their phones. The expectation of new followers, likes, comments, and engagements get people overly attached to their phones.

Asides from social media applications, mobile games, movies, music, and other fun things are also on the go for any smartphone user. All these benefits consciously or unconsciously contribute to cellphone obsession.

Getting addicted to your phone can be both physically and psychologically detrimental to you in the long run. Some of the numerous physical and psychological damages that could cellphone addiction are:

  1. Neck and overall body pain: when you stare at your phone or tablet for hours with your neck down, you could develop neck pain. Sitting or lying at a spot for a long time could also contribute to body pain.
  2. Illness and health complications: due to excessive body rest, one could develop several health disorders like cardiovascular disease, HBP, muscle pain, eye problem, weak immune system, etc.
  3. Reduced sleep time and increased fatigue: could result in an unstable sleep time and mental stress.
  4. Anxiety and depression
  5. Relationship problems
  6. Isolation and self-esteem issues
  7. Other physical damages may include male infertility due to excessive radiation from phones, car accidents, etc.